2022 Animation Demo Reel
Music- Found You by Declan DP

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Hello! My name is Ngoc-Uyen Tran, Uyen for short (pronounced "when"). I was born in Vietnam and raised in Georgia. I am an animator and illustrator. Art has always played an important role in my life, as it is my form of self-expression and escapism. Visual storytelling is something that I really enjoy incorporating into my work. While representation in media has become a driving factor in my pursuit of art and I strive to be conscious of it in everything I do. My ultimate goal is to write and publish my own graphic novel or animated show.


2022 Animation Demo Reel
Music- Found You by Declan DP

'Mourning' - Paper Animation
1st Place in Paper Film Festival

Sneak-to-Run Animation

Fire and Smoke Animation

Limited Animation

Lip Sync Animation
Song- Lose by NIKI

Rain Elemental Animation

Double Take Animation

Weight Animation


concept art

Original 'one more day' Concepts

Feudal Japan Two

Feudal Japan One

Pirate Character Concepts

background & props

Finished Backgrounds

Background Concepts